Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: **+ $ Ruffino Chianti, Il Leo Superiore, 2003, Italy - GOOD VALUE

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By way of background: Ruffino is a well-known name in affordable chiantis. The Ruffino Il Leo Chianti Superiore, 2003, is one of their "practically free" offerings.

Original review, November, 2008:

In the glass, this 2003 chianti is medium deep red, turning brick at the edges after five years of aging.

Aromas are old-school, shy, a bit leafy with a touch of broccoli and barnyard along with the fruit.

On the palate, acids and older tannins show forth as the first elements, bringing along the subdued, but still slightly sweet fruit. Not a whole lot of layers. The finish is pleasant, though simple and brief.

Two stars on the Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for wearing nice classical attire in its aromas and palate.  Good value at its attractive price point.

Notes from the winery say this: "Ruby red color, with a vibrant and generous aroma. The first flowery notes, reminiscent of sweet violet, are followed by hints of cherry and red berries with delicate spicy tones of vanilla and cloves due to the ageing in wood. The finish is reminiscent of plum jam. The attractive smoothness of the flavor is a result of a good balance between tannin profile, alcohol and fruity body."

Find Ruffino Chianti Il Leo pricing and retail availability here.

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