Monday, July 12, 2010

*** $ Thorpe Nymph Shiraz, 2004, McLaren Vale, Australia - Wine Tasting & Review (BEST VALUE)

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Original Review, November, 2008:  The Thorpe Nymph Shiraz, 2004, from McLaren Vale, Australia, is a sister wine to the super-high-value, super-low-cost Thorpe Nymph Cabernet Sauvignon. It sports the same beautiful label with an iridescent dragonfly image. It is richly dark red in the glass, completely opaque within about a half inch of the edge.

The aromas are sweetly seductive. A touch of cream; a touch of black cherry; a tiny touch of rubber balloon; maybe that's a bit of oak and fairy dust thrown in as well... It all suggests a full, rich, round aromatic sip.

On the palate, a rich, thick black cherry tannin robe comes up into the roof of your mouth - a very unusual sensation. Plenty of thick, rich fruit to surround the tannin, and just a touch of acids into the sides of your teeth. Not the creamy eucalyptus fruit I often associated with McLaren Vale shiraz, but more of a tangy fruit reminiscent to me of a solid sangiovese.

Only the finish misses - it is a bit hot and quick. Very nice overall. Three stars out of five and a remarkable value. May decant and age well - let's see!

Updated Review, a year and a half later, July, 2010: Color is deep magenta, opaque in the center.   On the nose, light cream cheese on toast with black cherry jam. Mid-palate attack of bright acids, some sour cherry.  Still a nose that suggests a deep, rich experience, and a palate that comes across more bright and cheery.  I don't really see that the extra aging has added a great deal, but still a great value.

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