Friday, July 23, 2010

**+ $ Alice White Cabernet Shiraz, 2007, South Eastern Australia - Review and Rating (GOOD VALUE)

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Original Review, January, 2009: This is my first trial of the Alice White line of Australian wines - a line that is widely described as reasonably-priced, tasty wines. In fact, this wine was not only reasonably-priced, it was "practically free"! So this will be one more installment in my "take one for the team" series. The Cabernet Shiraz is a blend of 60% cabernet sauvignon and 40% shiraz.

You can read a more detailed comparative tasting between three of the Alice White red wines over here at Associated Content. The Alice White Cabernet Shiraz is deep dark red in the glass. Modest fruity aromas are accessible, clean and cherry-like, similar to more generic California cabernet sauvignon.

On the palate, the middle is moderately full of fruit. It is clean, not complex, not layered and not particularly aromatic. Violets are notable, along with cherry which creeps up the side of the mouth toward a brief though clean finish.

Two stars out of five, with a plus because it is completely inoffensive. I would not return to it, so therefore cannot offer a third star.

Updated Review, a year and a half later, July, 2010, three years after vintage date:  Color is now deep magenta with some brick showing at edge.  Still those clean, generic cherry aromas.  On the palate, a richer, slightly lush, fruit-driven experience.  It almost - but not quite - reaches toward the third star.

Find Alice White Cabernet Shiraz prices and retail availability.

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