Thursday, July 1, 2010

**** $ Alice White Chardonnay, 2007, South Eastern Australia - Wine Tasting & Review

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Original Review, December, 2008: Sometimes taking one for the team works out surprisingly well. By "taking one for the team", I mean putting a wine to review that would usually be considered well below the price level of something to be seriously considered. Today we bring forward an Australian wine that not only meets popular standards, but seems to meet some critical standards as well.

Alice White has come on the scene rapidly as a low-cost Australian wine producer. Let's check out the quality of its South Eastern Australia chardonnay. In the glass, it shows as transparent clear, with just a glint of honey yellow.

Aromas seem almost more sauvignon blanc-ish than chardonnay-ish - there is grass and chrome steel and a hint of riesling-esque sweetness. It is a modest nose, but well-endowed and balanced. On the palate, the mineraled-steel brings just a nice, sharp edge to the sweeter chardonnay fruit. No oak to speak of, and the 13.6 percent alcohol is entirely lost among the crisp fruit and minerals. Finish is fairly quick, but clean and with a cleansing wisp of lemon.

The minerality suggests - heaven forbid! - it might even settle in nicely for a year or two in the basement. I'm on the fence whether I would even try another white in the same evening, so I will need to add a plus to the three stars out of five for the Alice White Chardonnay. Freaky good value at a "practically free" price.

Updated review, a year and a half later, July, 2010:  In the glass, the glint of honey has become full-blown glistening honey.  Now the nose is slick and lightly butterscotched, with hints of sweet hay.  The mouthfeel is now plush and elegant, balanced between thick tropical fruits and lighter honeyed acids.  Wonderful served slightly cool.  The minerality, while Alice White Chardonnay was young, suggested the potential benefit of a year or two in the bottle, and this experiment a year-and-a-half hence has proven the potential.  Now four stars as its balance makes it something to make exclusive for an evening.  Awesome value.

Find retail prices and availability for Alice White Chardonnay. 

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