Monday, December 29, 2008

** $ Franzia Chardonnay, CA - Review and Rating

Review: Part of my "take one for the team" series of tasting notes on cheap, popular wines, I'm dipping even to the low end of these today. This is the Franzia Chardonnay, part of the infamous Franzia box/bag series of wines. The Franzia White Zinfandel sampled earlier was not a big winner in the Spirit of Wine annals. But how bad can a chardonnay be? Let's see...

In the glass, Franzia Chardonnay is transparent, pale, light golden yellow. Just what a good chardonnay should be. At cellar temperature, the nose is muted, picking up hints of grass, butterscotch and - there it is again, like with the white zinfandel, but subtle this time - burnt marshmallows!

On the palate, a lightly sweet, lightly acidic middle hits with mild fruit, surrounded by a bit of a creamy feel. No finish to speak of. No layers or character beyond the simple mid palate. But not "disturbing", in the way I characterized the white zinfandel. I would not seek it out again, however, so that is only two stars out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale.

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