Sunday, December 28, 2008

*+ $$ Lurgashall English Mead, UK - Review and Rating

Review: Having very much enjoyed a batch of home-brewed dry mead, I wanted to experience the real (commercial) thing and see what I was missing. So, I turned to Lurgashall Winery's English Mead, made in West Sussex, UK. Mead is one of the UK's oldest known alcoholic beverages, made from fermented honey.

In the glass, Lurgashall English Mead shows as a transparent, light golden color. Its aroma reeks of a very, very, very funky honey. This honey smells not only fermented, but actually sour. Yech.

On the palate (yes, I ventured beyond the aromas), the mead is smooth, with a honeyed middle note as the first apparent flavor - not unexpectedly. Indeed, it is very, very honeyish, with a bit of funky alcohol essences swirling about for good measure (the brew weighs in at 12.5% alcohol). Once the sickly sweet sour notes subside, the finish is brief, reasonably clean and - as you might imagine - still sweet.

From the aroma and first blush, I was about to yield only one star ("What are you feeding me?!"), but upon consideration and allowing for the entire tasting experience, I will add a plus. This means it was almost an interesting experience, but never to be repeated if I can help it.

Quite a difference from the four stars awarded to the home-brewed Chez Ray experience.

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