Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updated Review: ***+ $ Panarroz Jumilla Red, 2006, Spain = BEST VALUE

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Original Review, December, 2008: This is a candidate in the "value" category of wines from Spain. A grenache, syrah and mouvedre (GSM) blend, it shows as dark blood red - almost opaque - in the glass, with purple glints at the edge.

As I swirl the wine - cellar cool - aromas hurtle from the glass. They are gobby, bloody, and brambly - a rich, deep set of aromas from such a modestly priced bottle!

Let's see if the palate holds up to the promise... hmm, a tannic first note coats the roof of the mouth. The fruit flows out from that tannic rooftop, gently settling down with a dark blueberry core, some sweet, oaky char elements emerging. The finish draws out for a bit, turning bold of fruit, then bold of alcohol, then gentle and fading. Three stars out of five, with a plus for the pronounced, four-star aroma. Indeed, an excellent value. And the tannins suggest you could park it for a few years too, to good effect.

Robert Parker awarded 90 points, saying it "bursts with plum, blackberry, and licorice-infused fruit. There is a bit of pepper as well, and the wine is silky, soft, and opulent."

Updated review, over three years later, May, 2012:  A very consistent dark color with purple edges.  Softer, but still rich and gobby, aromas.  Quite fresh.  A sort of char-broiled blueberry creates the first note on the palate, fanning out for a structured and dry sip.  The finish is modest but spring-water clean.  This has held up stunningly well over the years for a bargain-priced Jumilla red.    Still hits best value status. Following long decant, two days kept cool in partially filled bottle: Softer and mellow on the nose.  The palate is round and mellower too, with the charcoal missing and a soft blackberry-blueberry flavor hue. 

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