Saturday, January 16, 2010

**+ $ Alice White Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007, South Eastern Australia - Review and Rating

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Original Review, January, 2009:

Alice White Cabernet Sauvignon is pure 100% cabernet, taken from multiple vineyards in the south eastern Australia region. Alice White is a bargain brand, "practically free", part of my "take one for the team" series.

You can read a more detailed comparative tasting between three of the Alice White red wines over here at Associated Content. In the glass, Alice White Cabernet is medium deep, overall a ruddy red. Aromas are definitely shy and they remind of classical cabernet varietals. On the palate, there is a start with bright, plum fruit, crisp and clean. The finish does not last, but it vanishes fairly quickly with a short blast of inky fruit and sugar. A reasonably good overall showing, and I might be inclined to try this again with just a year of two of aging.

This earns two stars, with a plus for this future potential.
Updated review one year later, January, 2010:

In glass: Deep purple brick, opaque to middle
On the nose: Oak, deep fruit and earth
On the palate: Earthy mid palate, loam and hints of dark berry. Still some tannins and light acids move flavors up and out.
Finish: Tucked into cheeks for clean finish.
Overall: Balanced, medium body experience. Still a solid value.

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