Tuesday, January 20, 2009

*** $ Alice White Shiraz, 2007, South Eastern Australia - Review and Rating

Review: Alice White Shiraz is becoming a popular house shiraz, offered at an excellent price point, and employing one of Australian's most celebrated grapes, the shiraz (spelled "syrah" in some other parts of the world). Alice White wines, with their color coded labels, have been available since 1996, in varietals of Riesling, Lexia, Chardonnay, Red Lexia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Pinot Noir. Merlot and a combination of Cabernet and Shiraz.

You can read a more detailed comparative tasting between three of the Alice White red wines over here at Associated Content. For now, let's try the Australian classic, the shiraz. In the glass deep red, almost opaque, moving to purple at the edge. Aromas are sweet, clean, mild and slightly bright, with hints (not particularly unpleasant) of helium balloon.

On the palate, the Alice White Shiraz sings louder. It is round, sweet and bold in the middle, creating a great starting point for the wine. Then sweet red cherries and little plums migrate out from this middle, trickling light, sweet acids down the sides of your mouth. The finish stays clean, with just a light touch of sweet tannins. Yummy.

I would come back to this wine again. Three stars out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale. At it's "practically free" price, that makes the Alice White Shiraz an outstanding value. Shiraz is still king of grapes in Australia.

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