Wednesday, August 11, 2010

**+ $ Berco do Infante Reserva Vinho Tinto, 2005, Portugal - Wine Tasting & Review (GOOD VALUE)

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Original Review, February, 2009: Berco do Infante Reserva Vinho Tinto is a value-priced wine from the Estremadura region of Portugal, made of the Castelao and Aragonez grapes.

In the glass, it is a medium brick and ruby red. Aromas rise boldly from the glass. They are deep and lush, bringing earthy plum and hints of fig.

On the palate, the first touch is in the middle, somewhat tannic, tangy and perhaps stingy. Fruit is subordinate, but not fully hidden. It comes in along the close, along with cheek-tickling acids. With a decant to soften, we might see a tad more fruit. Still remarkably young for a value-priced, four-year-old wine.

Two stars out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for promise for future. Gary Vaynerchuck awarded 88 points to this "practically free" offering.

Updated Review, a year and a half later, August, 2010, now five years from vintage date:  Consistent color.  Still some earth on the nose, though the fruit aromas have grown muted.  Served cool with a brief decant,  now the mid-palate shows an even blend of tannins, acids and light red cherry fruit.  Simple, modest finish.  I'll hold at two stars, with the plus now for pleasant balance.  Although I'm not quite inclined to rate it three stars - meaning something I'd seek out again - at its incredibly low price I might actually be found picking up another bottle or two.

Following long decant, four days under vacuum in a partially filled bottle: consistent aromas and palate. Held up quite well. A hint of perfume on the palate too.

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