Sunday, February 6, 2011

*** Cameron Hughes Lot 101 Russian River Valley Chardonnay, 2007, Sonoma County, CA

Original Review, February, 2009: Cameron Hughes is a line of limited edition wines that I've reviewed and described before. This sample is a newly-bottled 2007 chardonnay, hailing from the well-reputed Russian River Valley area of Sonoma, CA.

In the glass, Cameron Hughes Lot 101 shows as transparent, with a medium-yellow cast. Its aromas are bold, and punch from the glass, bringing sinewy fresh grass and peaches. Very crisp in character.

On the palate, a more subdued mineral character emerges, bringing touches of slate to the equation. Finishes with a slick lemon sprinkle on the slate-rock base. Quite evocative. I would definitely seek out CH Lot 101 again, so three stars on the Spirit of Wine scale. This may attain additional, though subtle, complexity with a bit more time in bottle.

Updated Review, two years later, February, 2011:  The color has deepened, showing more butterscotch.   Less crisp on the nose, but with bold, deep character now.  Pears in juice.  Creamy slate coming in on the palate. 

Wine sample provided by Cameron Hughes Wine. Cameron Hughes wine lots may be found here.

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