Monday, March 8, 2010

**+ $ Moncao Danaide Vinho Verde, 2007, Adega de Moncao, Portugal - Review and Rating

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Original Review, February, 2009: The Adega de Moncao Danaide Red Wine is a value-priced dry red wine from Portugal. The front label is exotic, but mostly unglued from the bottle. The rear label suggests the wine "SHOULD BE DRINK CHILLY". Needless to say, I'm a little frightened about this tasting for a number of reasons.

But let's see what we're dealing with... I'll serve right from the cellar which is at about 53 degrees Fahrenheit. In the glass, it has an extracted, medium purple/magenta tone. Interesting. Smoky ripe plums are the first noticeable element in the aroma, along with chalky black pepper. That's all good so far.

An upfront sweet acid assault comes on strong in the palate, like a blast of sweet black pepper. Almost makes your nose shake. But as you assess it, the pepper comes wrapped in a lightly fruity robe around the edges of your mouth, bringing a fiery, somewhat alcoholic, even slightly effervescent, finish. Two stars out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale, because I cannot bring myself around to wanting to experience it again. But what an intriguing ride!

Updated review, about one year later, March, 2010:
Still deep magenta in glass, no movement towards brick or orange.  Served at room temperature, aromas have moved a bit towards the broccoli end of the spectrum now - not a good thing.  Pure black pepper cut slightly with lemonade is the overwhelming sensation on the palate. Not improving in the bottle.  Stick with cold and young for this one.

Following long-decant, one week plus in partially-filled bottle under vacuum.  I wasn't expecting a lot here.  The aromas remained deep and shy.  On the palate, however, the black pepper is now surrounded by a rounder, riper plum fruit.  Very catchy combo, moving this to two stars with a plus for surprising improvement.  Dramatic change and good value with a long decant.  Give it a try!

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