Sunday, April 19, 2009

**+ $ Santa Ema Barrel Select Carmenere, 2005, Chile - Review and Rating

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Review: Carmenere is a less-well-known red varietal when made into a stand-alone wine. Often you see it as part of a blend. The Santa Ema Barrel Select Carmenere is sourced from grapes in the Puemo area of the Chachapoal Valley of Chile.

In the glass, this carmenere is medium deep blood red. Aroma is bright with purple, plumy fruit - one of the most plumy aromas I've encountered yet. Somehow almost seems to have a rubbery smell - like when I was pumping up my bicycle tires as kid.

On the palate, that rubber balloon sensation hits in the middle-mouth, very round and filling. Acids support the blackberry-style fruit, and bring the flavors along your cheeks for a modest, clean finish. Two stars on the Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for its overall vibrancy. Feels like a wine to enjoy over the next couple of years, not to lay down for a rest. Decent value at modest price.

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