Monday, February 1, 2010

*** $ Roo Estates Merlot, 2006, South Eastern Australia - Review and Rating

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 Original Review, April, 2009: Roo Estates Merlot is another in the line of Roo value wines sourced from south eastern Australia. Merlot, a generally softer grape than cabernet and less sparky and aromatic than shiraz, has not made much of a name in the Australian region. Let's see what this value-priced sample brings...

In the glass, Roo Merlot is medium dusty dark red. The aroma is bright, perky and fruity. On the palate, you get more perkiness than other elements, almost a dry red currant - full of acids with a touch of dark oak. It definitely leaves me wanting. Indistinctive tannins, fruit or finish. Not only would I not come back to this, I'm not sure I would finish the first bottle. Some bargains are not really bargains even when the price is great. One star with a plus because it wasn't the worst bottle of wine I didn't want to finish.

But if you have the choice, leave this one behind.

Quick note: This picked up some fruit and roundness after a long decant. More enjoyable, not distinctive. Moves to two stars. I still wouldn't pursue, but wouldn't actively avoid now either.

Updated review, almost two years later, February, 2010, now four years from vintage date:  Aroma still muted.  But on the palate, round, full, bold fruit, slight plum, but added very ripe blackberry.  Now a star is added to make this three stars. Becomes a best value.  Probably at its peak drinking time.

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