Thursday, July 22, 2010

*** $ Roo Estates Shiraz, 2007, South Eastern Australia - Review and Rating (BEST VALUE)

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Original Review, April, 2009: For a value-priced wine from the south eastern Australia region, shiraz would be the quintessential choice. Roo Estates, produced by Salena Estate Wines of Australia, has made available an entire line of such value-priced Australian varietals. So, we'll start with the shiraz to see what the line promises...

The 2007 is a recently bottled wine, barely a full year off the vines. The Roo Estates Shiraz is medium deep red in the glass, turning almost (but not quite) opaque in the middle. The nose shows a bold, classic, candied Australian-shiraz sweetness, mixed with just a touch of alcohol and charcoal.

On the palate, a sweet full middle is prominent, flushed with oak and lightly tingly tannins and acids. A strong sprinkling of black pepper mixed in too. Slightly hot finish. Not complex, not intense. But tasty. Two stars out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale with a plus for accessibility. Good value.

Updated Review, over a year later, now three years from vintage date, July, 2010:  Color is consistent, but the nose is much more restrained now, showing a bright, laundry cherry candy.  Nicely knitted, simple, but very pleasant.  Rises to three stars now with the extra bottle age, and becomes a best value.

Following long decant, two days under vacuum in partially-filled bottle:   Nose becomes slightly muted, but palate opens further in richness and fruit. 

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