Thursday, May 20, 2010

*** $ Almaden Mountain Chablis, CA - Wine Tasting and Review

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Original Review, May, 2009: The Almaden Mountain Chablis - a widely poured restaurant house white wine - is part of my "Take One for the Team" series - wine reviews of wines that are typically never subjected to legitimate critical review.

Made by what is thought to be California's oldest commercial vineyard, Almaden, the Mountain Chablis is transparent in the glass, with a hint of honey color. Aromas are sweet and slightly bold, with a hint of grass, a hint of hay, maybe a pinch of lemon. On the palate is a simple peachy middle, with clean acids tightening the cheeks a bit. A fresh, clean, citrus finish follows. Pleasant, not distinctive nor complex. Two stars with plus for pleasantness.

Decent value for a house white wine.

Updated Review, one year later, May, 2010: More subdued, honey and mineral aromas now, elements of butterscotch.  Plush and mineral middle on the palate, now sleek and slightly sweet.  Moves up to three stars.  Great value. 

Find Almaden Mountain Chablis at WineZap.

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