Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Updated Review: **** $ Loma Gorda, Almansa, Spain, 2006 - BEST VALUE

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By way of background: Loma Gorda is a value-price red Spanish wine, made from a combination of old vine grapes, 65% garnacha (grenache) and 35% syrah from the Almansa region of Spain. Alcohol is a modest 13%.

Original review, May, 2009:

In the glass, Loma Gorda, 2006, is medium dark red, with distinct purple overtones. We are trying this one young. Cool, and right from the bottle upon opening, aromas are of sweet, rubbery red fruit. On the palate, intense and inky red and black currants - or maybe pomegranates? - touch your tongue and upper mouth, bringing a touch of deep plum and pepper along. Finish is moderately lengthy, still robed in tannins, and generally balanced. Can be put to rest for a few years too. Likely a modest decant will also serve it well.

Intense, but could still work well with foods that could be balanced out by its peppery acid. Three stars with a plus for intensity. Outstanding value.

Updated review, over two and a half years later, February, 2012:  Deep magenta in the glass.  Definitely funky rubber balloons mixed with red fruit on the nose.  Pepper and Indian spices mold the red fruit in your palate and bring a savory richness to your cheeks.  Remains a bold and worthy offering.  Consistent rating and a great value, even with six years of age since vintage date.   It is particularly noteworthy that its power and age-worthiness comes despite its very modest 13% alcohol level. Following long decant, full day kept cool in partially filled bottle: This is holding fast with the funky balloons on the nose and the spices on the palate. 

Updated review, another year and a half later, now seven years since vintage date, September, 2013:  Still deep magenta.  Even rubberier fruit and spices on the nose.  Same bold and broad palate.  Amazing ager - touches four stars - remarkable value!

Updated review, another half year later, now eight years since vintage date, April, 2014:  The nose on this bottle is clean, albeit definitely old world.  On the palate: still great fruit, but in a peppery, old world wrapper - definitely some brett going on!

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