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** $ Luce Barocca Salento Primitivo, 2006, Italy - Wine Review and Rating

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Original Review, May, 2009: Luce Barocca Salento Primitivo, 2006, from Italy, is made from primitivo grapes (similar, if not identical, to the zinfandel grapes of California). The wine has aged in French oak.

Luce Barocca Salento Primitivo,hails from Marco Maci wine growers, who have approximately 100 hectares planted to vines in the area.

Luce Barocca Salento Primitivo,Salento Primitivo is light to medium red in the glass, almost veering to brick at the edges, despite its young age. Aroma is deep, spongy and fruity, like ringing ripe plums from a twisted towel.

On the palate, a simple, slightly funky fruit catches the middle of your mouth. A mild rope of tannins and a touch of acids follow to your cheeks. Finish flashes by. Pleasant enough. Not memorable, though not objectionable. Doesn't seem to want more age. Two stars out of five.

Updated review, one year later, April, 2010:  Color and aroma have remained consistent.  A bit of sandiness on the nose.  Palate is consistent too - simple, plain, easy but not distinctive. Still two stars.  Don't bother cellaring. 

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