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**+ $$ Mount Cass Pinot Noir, 2002, Waipara Valley, New Zealand - Wine Review and Rating

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Original Review, May, 2009: Mount Cass Pinot Noir is made from grapes primarily from the Waipara Valley area of New Zealand. New Zealand itself is primarily known for its steely sauvignon blancs and tight pinot noirs. The Mount Cass is made from clones 375 and 115, aged in new and one-year-o
ld French barrels. We are trying the 2002 vintage, now about seven years old from its vintage data, at the later end of its expected lifespan.

In the glass, Mount Cass shows as medium light brick red, consistent with its age. Aromas show the bright pinot style, but intermixed with a definite funkedelic low-end buzz – might blow off with a bit of air. Right now it's a mix of red cherry and sauerkraut.

On the palate, all is well, however, when the sweet, bright, red cherry touches your cheeks. A bit of darkness unfolds from the oak, and the finish is clean, modest in length, tight and bracingly acidic with just a hint of sweetness.

At this point, I can't say I would return for another bottle, so I'll give it two stars. I will let it decant for awhile, though, thinking it may knit together a bit more. It definitely doesn't want additional age.

After a one-hour decant, much of the funkiest of aromas have blown away, leaving a broccoli-element to the nose. Rounder mouthfeel. Adding a plus to the two stars because of its intrigue.

Updated Review, a year and a quarter later, August, 2010:  Consistent colors. Aromas have lost much of their funk, but have a consistent fruit plus vegetable component.  The palate is odd, but not in an entirely offensive way. Can't say  it's improved; can't say it's deteriorating. But still can't say I'd gravitate towards it again.

Following long decant, two days under vacuum in a partially-filled bottle:  Slightly fruity, but still odd. Following an even-longer decant, three more days, no vacuum, kept cool, in a partially-filled bottle:  Still odd, plum and broccoli stew nose.  But on the palate, much, much cleaner fruit. 

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