Saturday, May 23, 2009

** $ Sanguinhal Cerejeiras, 2007, Estremadura, Portugal - Wine Review and Rating

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Review: Portugal is known for its ports, not for its dry red wines. But there are a number of dry reds from Portugal, and more and more making their way West every year. Some are great bargains indeed.

Today, we are sampling Cerejeiras, 2007, a blend of unusual varietals: castelao, aragonez and tinta miuda (have you heard of any of these before??).

In the glass, Sanguinhal Cerejeiras is medium red. Aromas are fairly bold - candy apple red, with a little bit of beckoning deep plum.

On the palate, you notice a peppery middle as the first note, followed by a sweet and acid tinge along the sides of your mouth. The finish is brief, but pleasant enough, showing especially the pepper and bright fruit.

Two stars out of five. A decent value at the bargain price.

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