Friday, June 18, 2010

*** $ VI De Nulles Blanc, 2006, Tarragona, Spain - Wine Review and Rating

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Original Review, May, 2009: VI De Nulles Blanc is a blend of locally-grown white grapes from the Tarragona, Spain, region in the Mediterranean Sea vicinity. Fermentation is done in cement and stainless steel, and the VI white wine - like its sister red wine - never sees oak. Like many Spanish imports, it sells for a song.

In the glass, VI De Nulles Blanc shows as a golden yellow, almost honeyish in color. Served cool, it shows butterscotch-flavored motor oil aromas upon swirling, with just a touch of brighter kiwi.

On the palate, the slick style continues, with a ripe-but-not-very-sweet-pear essence filling the middle of your mouth. A silky ride takes you to a modest finish with just a hint of apple crispness around your cheeks.

Solid overall sipper - three stars out of five. Not a great deal of depth, intensity nor complexity. Exellent value at its "practically free" price.

Updated review, about one year later, June, 2010:  The color and aromas have held consistent; though the kiwi brightness is passed... solid motor oil now.  It has become a touch muddier on the palate - more dry butterscotch than pear now, and the silk feels a bit leaden without a corresponding "lift".  Stick with this within three years of vintage date.

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