Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spirit of Wine Review & Rating: ** $ VI De Nulles Negre, 2006, Tarragona, Spain

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Review: VI De Nulles Negre is a blend of locally-grown red grapes from the Tarragona, Spain, region in the Mediterranean Sea vicinity. Fermentation is done in cement and stainless steel, and the VI red wine - like its sister white wine - never sees oak. It is very reasonably priced.

The importer suggests trying VI De Nulles Negre young, and slightly chilled. Let's do so... In the glass, VI Negre is medium dusty red, almost veering toward brick at the edges; that is fairly unusual in such a young wine. Upon swirling, the aromas - which are shy - come across as plum balloons, reminiscent of some beaujolais.

On the sip, a friendly, balanced, youthful-spirited wine is apparent. Bright, lightly acidic plums touch the mid-palate, shifting just a few tannins to your cheeks to extend the modest, just slightly sweet finish. Easy, food friendly wine - but not intense, distinctive nor even just memorable. A solid two stars out of five - meaning I enjoyed it, but won't seek it out again.

Updated review, two years later, April, 2011:  The color is consistent, with the brick still lacing the edge.  Shy aromas now carry more cauliflower than plums.  Colorful and friendly on the mid-palate, but still with an almost-over-aged patina. Following long decant, several days under decant in partially-filled bottle at room temperature:  Now cardboard cauliflower on the nose.  Scary. Still fruity and easy, even pleasant, on the palate.  Still a solid two stars.

Find prices and retail availability for VI De Nulles Negre.

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