Tuesday, May 19, 2009

**+ $ Weber Liebfraumilch, 2007, Rheinhessen, Germany - Wine Review and Rating

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Review: The Weber Liebfraumilch is a sweet white wine from the well-known Rheinhessen area of Germany. We're trying this one cool, quite young in the bottle. Alcohol is a light 9.5%.

In the glass, this is very transparent, watery-color with a vanilla blush. Aroma is sweet green grass and new hay - quite appealing, really. On the palate, it brings a simple, clean taste in the middle, resembling precisely the aromas. Finish fades in a flash, but ends clean. It is very pleasant, but just a tad too light to draw me back for another bottle. Almost diluted. So two stars with a plus for its exceptional accessibility and friendliness.

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