Friday, June 19, 2009

**+ $ Barefoot Merlot, NV, CA - Wine Review and Rating

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Review: Barefoot Cellars, which talks about wine "without the attitude", also tends to deliver wine "without the information". Its merlot is from unspecified, mixed California vineyards, made in an unspecified way, bottled in unspecified years in bottles with no vintage date (and no date at all on the bottle except the 2003 copyright date from Barefoot Cellars).

So despite these those limited credentials, let's check out this "practically free" merlot: In the glass, it is medium-deep ruby red. Aromas are fruity, grapey and light, with just a hint of bramble or oak.

On the palate, the lightness rules, touching your palate easily with a soft raspberry center. It draws to a hint of cocoa on the relatively brief finish. At two stars, more in the nature of a house wine than an experience, but not objectionable in any way. Following a one-hour decant, the wine rounds and deepens a bit, offering a ripe cherry finish. This suggests the vintage may have been quite young, needing this air. I'll add a plus for pleasant, making this two plus stars out of five, actually quite good value for the bargain price.

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