Monday, July 27, 2009

**** $ Dr. Loosen Bros. Riesling, 2007, Mosel, Germany - Wine Review and Rating

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Review: Dr. Loosen Bros. Riesling is a value-priced riesling that hails from the well-known and - for riesling - well-regarded Mosel valley area of Germany.

The steep slopes of these vineyards in Mosel Valley comprise a mineral-rich slate soil that tends to product fully ripe, concentrated wines. Let's see what this label brings...

In the glass, Dr. Loosen Riesling is quite transparent, with just a hint of yellow. Served cool, the aromas are still vibrant, showing first of grapefruit, then a sweeter citrus element. A touch of cut grass appears too - seemingly more in the sauvignon blanc genre. On the palate, a light sweet middle is first noted, bringing clean, sweet citrus to the top and sides of your mouth. Then you notice saline elements, a sort of light, briny seawater mixed in with the sugars. Quite compelling.

The finish fades cleanly like the fading sunlight coming to a point on a far mountaintop - no cloying sugars nor remaining acids. Emptiness never tasted so good. It simply draws you back for the next sip.

Not intense, and fails to suggest the wet slate that I enjoy in other rieslings. Still, I will award four stars because it is clear to me I would not vary from this wine as my white wine choice for an evening. That makes this a thigh-slapping best value at its entry-level price.

Find Dr. Loosen Riesling pricing and retail availability.

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