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*** $ Indomita Cantus Pinot Noir, 2007, Casablanca Valley, Chile - Wine Review and Rating

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Review: Indomita Cantus Pinot Noir

The Cantus Pinot Noir is part of a value-priced line of wine from Cantus, part of Vina Indomita in the midst of the well-known Casablanca Valley region of Chile. The pinot noir shares Casablanca Valley with the white wines, while the other Cantus reds hail from Maipo Valley.

As my earlier posts have made clear, good value-priced pinot noirs are rare indeed. The promise of other reds in the Cantus line give me a (hopefully correct) optimism about the pinot noir. But let's see...

In the glass, Cantus Pinot Noir is light-to-medium dusty red. Aromas are fruity and deep, showing a touch of black smoke.

Upon sipping, you note a full round, mid-mouth experience at first, bringing clean, slightly-sweet fully ripe berries to the edges of your palate. This is accompanied by a touch of cleansing acids and hint of tannin, hiding entirely the lofty 14.5 percent alcohol. Finish is just a tad hot, but lightly sweet, clean and pleasing. Three stars on the Spirit of Wine scale, as I would find my way back to it.

Since the quality rating is two notches higher than the cost level, this qualifies as a "best value". Quite unusual for a pinot noir, but not unexpected for the high-value Cantus line.

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