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**+ $ Meridian Vineyards Pinot Noir, 2007, Provincia di Pavia, Italy - Wine Review and Rating

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Original Review, June, 2009: Meridian Vineyards Pinot Noir

The Meridian Vineyards Pinot Noir is a bargain-priced pinot noir that pursues a bit of sleight-of-hand. It's label says, "At home on our coast vineyards..." and its seal says, "Award Winning Coastal Vineyards", and the back label references Meridian Vineyards as being in Napa, CA.

But wait! What's this "Provincia di Pavia" at the very bottom of the front label?! Or the "Product of Italy" at the very bottom of the back label?! Well, it seems all is not coastal California with this pinot noir, is it? No indeed... this is imported juice from Italy, bottled in California. Interesting, if not entirely transparent, trick. I note that a number of retailer sites still (incorrectly) refer to this as a "California pinot noir". Perhaps because Meridian's earlier pinot noir vintages did, indeed, hail from the Central Coast of California.

In the glass, Meridian Pinot Noir is light ruby red, veering towards pink. Aromas from this young vintage are fruity, grapey-sweet like a cru beaujolais - light cherry and raspberry.

On the sip, a more acidic, just slightly leafy-vegetabley note emerges first. That comes to the cheeks and the top of the mouth - just a hint of faint sweet fruit comes forward. A touch of salinity on the finish, which is clean but crisp of acid. Two stars out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale.

Might mellow with another year in bottle, but I'm not compelled to explore it again. A sleight of hand that lost its audience, perhaps.

Updated review 8 months later, February, 2010:  Now, light sweet cherry aromas predominate.  The fruit now fares better on the palate, bringing light but sweet red cherry forward, with a touch of that saline that I noted earlier.  Still a clean, balanced finish.  I'll add a plus now, since this is showing its slight aging quite well.  Let's leave it a bit of decant too, and see what else develops with air.

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