Wednesday, June 17, 2009

***+ $$$$ Snows Lake One, Red Hills, Lake County, CA - Wine Review and Rating

Review: Snows Lake Vineyard "ONE" is a purebred cabernet sauvignon, 100%, hailing exclusively from vineyards in the Red Hills of Lake County. The grapes were grown to low yields, and here we are reviewing wine from the 2005 crop, characterized by a long and cool growing season. Snows Lake One was vinted in a 100% French oak, 64% of which was new.

In the glass, this is a dark-hued beast, still purple-tinged and young-looking, opaque through most of the glass. At 14.5% alcohol, you might expect that it would send its aromas sailing - and sail they do: solid deep vanilla, oak and deep classical cabernet fruit. Somehow, a touch of sweetness and caramel is also suggested in the nose.

On the palate, you find a rich, deep, structured, full frontal fruit as the first note. It carries a touch of tobacco in a thick underlying deep-blackberry matrix. A hint of acids and tannic base come along at the close. Clean sweet finish, just a bit hot of alcohol. Three stars because I definitely would enjoy Snows Lake One again, with a plus for its impressive potential with additional age.

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