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***+ $$ Weingut Jakob Schneider Riesling Kabinett, 2007, Niederhausen, Germany - Wine Review and Rating

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Review: Weingut Jakob Schneider Riesling Kabinett, 2007, from the Niederhausen area in Germany, is a modestly-priced dry riesling. I became interested in it because Terry Theise - a well-regarded riesling critic and importer - called it the one wine he would reach for if someone asked him to "encapsulate why you do what you do".

The Schneider Riesling Kabinett is made primarily from Niederhauser Rosenberg grapes, with some Kirschheck. It arrives in a one-litre bottle, no punt, with a synthetic cork and no capsule on the neck. The bottle is not a thing of beauty, but let's see what the wine has to offer...

In the glass, it is light and transparent, but with a definite golden yellow hue - almost flourescent, in fact. The nose is potent and engaging - sleek, shiny metallic, lightly sweet and citrus, with a suggestion of wet slate; phenomenal balance across the olfactory region!

On the palate, it is full and round in the middle, bringing a touch of sweetness and apple in first, with very light acids pulling in behind. Sweet stone continues on, beginning a long cascade to the round - just lightly citrus, and interestingly saline-tinged - finish. Three stars - I'll return to it - with a plus for its uncanny balance on each dimension: visually, aromatically and taste. Yummy. Very good value too.

I did not find the cherry, violets or wisteria that Theise mentions, but I will agree with his assessment on the sleek (not sinewy) stylishness. He suggests three to 12 years of aging; I cannot argue with that possibility, but I also could not suggest you forego the pleasures this wine offers in its youth as well.

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