Tuesday, February 2, 2010

**** $ Cerejeiras Tinto (Red Wine), 2007, Vinho Regional Estremadura, Portugal - Review and Rating

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Original Review, July, 2009: Cerejeiras is Portuguese dry red wine hailing from the Estremadura region. It comprises a blend of three mostly locally-known grapes: castelao, aragonez and tinta miuda. It comes in at a modest 12.5 percent alcohol, and we are tasting the Cerejeiras while it is still quite young.

In the glass, it is a medium bold red, suggesting red berries. Aromas are interesting indeed - mostly old-world and funky, rather than the sweet, plummy and clean that I expected. There is an old mustiness right up front in the nose - almost makes you reach for the anti-allergy tablets! It's wrapped in rich, old fruit though. The question is, how can a one year old wine act so mature?

Well, let's see by the palate if this is an infant or an octagenerian... On the palate, you notice a round, mature plummy fruitiness mingled with the must right in the middle of your upper palate. It glides smoothly along the tongue, reaching with the gentlest of tannins along the sides of your mouth into your cheeks. The finish is long, smooth and sweet. Cerejeiras is an easy-going infant masquerading as a senior citizen! Outstanding, intense, balanced, layered, enjoyable experience. Four stars on the Spirit of Wine scale. This is a crazy best value at its very modest price.

Because of the strong attitude of Cerejeiras in the glass, it may be easier to use as a sipping wine than with food. For food, pasta dishes may be among your best bets.

Updated review, approx. six months later, February, 2010:  Awesome, funky, old world nose is still there.  Smooth and sandy, old world funk and complexity plus new world fruit, slick and mineral and still a hint of acidity.  Wow. This hits on all cylinders.  There is a good chance that this bottle is fully infected by brett (Brettanomyces), which may be responsible for the unique, old world character.  We'll need to try other bottles to know for sure.  An earlier sample of Cerejeiras seemed to show an entirely different (and less intriguing) character overall. 

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