Friday, October 11, 2013

Spirit of Wine Review & Rating: ***+ $ Domaine de la Chesnay Cotes du Rhone, France, 2007 (BEST VALUE)

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Original review, July, 2009: Domaine de la Chesnay is a recently released Cotes du Rhone blend, which consists of 70% grenache, 20% syrah and 10% carignan. Alcohol level comes in at a modest 13%.

In the glass, Domaine de la Chesnay is medium, deep, dusty red. Big, bold aromas - they first hit as helium balloon, but that is likely to blow off with a little air. Along with that, a strong sweet red berry.

On the palate, a mid-bright sweet red cherry is apparent first; that is followed by a rush of prickly, minerally acids rushing along the cheeks. Clean, fun finish - crisp and lasting. Three stars, as I want to try this again - I'd see using it wherever a pinot noir might work.

The quality/price point makes this an outstanding value versus just about any pinot noir you will find.

Gary Vaynerchuk awarded a comparable 88-90 points.

Following decant  - it picked up a more terroir - some elements of the barnyard along with the fruit. Sort of like pinot noir with a funky note. Add a plus for intriguing indeed!

Updated review, about two years later, June, 2011:  Color and nose are EXACTLY the same, right up to and including the helium balloon!  But still enticing aromas.  The bright, sweet red cherry remains on the palate; now the acids play a helpful role in supporting the bright red frame.  Wow, this is aging slowly and effectively. 

Another updated review, another two years later, now six years from vintage date, October, 2013: Same medium dusty red color.  Thicker aromas, still with that helium balloon element!  Bright and crisp red fruits, with an element of cheek-puckering lemon.  Held up remarkably well.

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