Saturday, July 25, 2009

***+ $ Fritz Windisch Niersteiner Kirchplatte Kerner Auslese Riesling, 2006, Rheinhessen, Germany - Review and Rating

Review: The Fritz Windisch Niersteiner Kirchplatte Kerner Auslese Riesling, 2006, from Rheinhessen, Germany, is - as the name suggests - riesling prepared from auslese grapes. These are late harvested, sweet grapes, typically used to make the sweetest form of riesling wine. Fritz Windisch Niersteiner Kirchplatte Kerner Ausleseis a value-priced auslese, quite unusual actually. Most typically, auslese wines are the most costly of the riesling style.

In the glass, the wine is almost completely clear, with just a pale vanilla cast. Served cold, the lightly grassy aromas are still quite noticeable, suggesting a squeeze of lemon too.

Though the aromas are austere, the first sip of the wine tells you that you are dealing with an entirely friendly, open creature. The first touch is a marshmallow-texture light caramel, hitting smack and sweet on your tongue. The sweet, light gooeyness creeps to the sides of your mouth, where it takes on a tiny sparkle of acidity, which brings the light confection up and into the sides of your cheeks. The finish is brief, but evenly fading and entirely clean. By the time it is gone, you are left entirely ready for the next sip. So the sweetness never cloys. It jumps in at the start, but the acids just nicely bring it to a finish.

Not serious or layered, but utterly friendly and enjoyable. I don't know that age will benefit it, but I am sufficiently intrigued to lay a bottle down for a few years. Don't think it will hurt. Three stars with a plus for thorough pleasantness. A whopping best value.

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