Thursday, July 23, 2009

***+ $ Quinta dos Aciprestes Red Wine (Tino), 2005, Douro, Portugal - Review and Rating

Review: Quinta dos Aciprestes Tino, 2005, a red wine from the Douro region of Portugal, is produced from the grapes of old vines, which is then subject to seven months of barrel aging following fermentation. It is value-priced, and shows at a robust 14% alcohol.

In the glass, Quinta dos Aciprestes Tino is mahogany red throughout - looks like red velvet. Aromas blow out of the glass; clean, bold tones of vanilla and lightly oaked fruit. A touch of clean-smelling dirt too - very nice.

On the palate, a full frontal experience occurs first, with big bold blackberry fruit and acid coating your tongue. Tannins carry the experience along, bringing solid black cherry depth and a touch of sweetness into a lengthy, though slightly hot, finish. Three stars with a plus for power. This bottle is four years from its vintage date, and it could age for double this time. May also benefit from more of a decant than I achieved. Terrific value.

Quinta dos Aciprestes is a fine wine to enjoy on its own, or it will stand up to big beefy red wine fare - aged cheeses, seasoned meats.

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