Tuesday, August 4, 2009

** $ Domaine Jean Claude Courtault Chablis, 2007, Chablis, France - Wine Review and Rating

Review: This brand-new chablis from France is built to store up to six years for aging. We are trying it young.

We'll serve it quite cool, as recommended by the winemaker. In the glass, it is clear with a pale vanilla cast.

Aroma shows a touch of steely grass and a bit of lemon. On the palate, the quite dry and tart - almost citrus - twang hits your upper palate. The notable acids bring along lemon and grapefruit, with the "sweetness" appropriate to those fruits. Finish is clean and fairly lengthy. The tightness overall of Jean Claude Courtault Chablis does suggest that some of that potential aging would be warranted.

I'll award two stars on the Spirit of Wine scale for this wine in its youth. Might be interesting to see with a bit more meat on its bones.

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