Friday, July 30, 2010

***+ $ Lot 205 Petite Sirah, 2005, CA - Wine Review and Rating (BEST VALUE)

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Original Review, August, 2009: Lot 205 Petite Sirah is from mixed vineyards around California. It shows at 13.5% alcohol.

In the glass, it is medium deep ruby red. Nose is deep, and especially funky. Funky in a slightly rotting, helium balloon sort of way. That will probably blow off with time. The deepness is deepness of a purple fruit variety. Touch of cru beaujolais in the mix.

On the palate, a bright, sweet, mid-palate red fruit comes through first. It's perky and purple, and washes your mouth with a friendly, lightly tingly, lightly sweet coat. A few tannins are there to fix the sweet, friendly image in your mind.

I'll award this two stars for the friendly ride, with an extra plus for its special friendliness. Think a fun sip, not serious contemplation. Good value.

Updated review, about a year later, now five years from vintage date, July, 2010: Color is consistent.  Nose shows a deep, fruity funk.  Intriguing in an over-ripe blackberry sort of way.  The palate is perfectly consistent with before... sweet, perky, somewhat perky - reminds me of ripe black raspberry mosquitoes, if that makes any kind of sense.  I think it means there's a hint of flesh - but just the tiniest hint - in the mix.  Gonna make this three stars now, and that brings a "best value" nod.  

Following long decant, two days under vacuum in partially-filled bottle:   Nose loses its funk and is clean, deep port fruit.  Now full sweet flesh on the palate.  Now an easy three stars, with a plus for its intense pleasant fruit.   The decant served Lot 205 Petite Sirah very well, thank you. 

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