Sunday, September 20, 2009

$$$ 12 Volts, 2007, Mallorca, Spain - Wine Review

Guest Review (Greg and Kelly): 12 Volts from Mallorca, Spain, 2007. ~15 Euros from Boqueria (?) market in Barcelona, Spain. Made partly from native grape varieties Callet and Fogoneu by 4 Kilos ViniCola.

In the glass: opaque in candlelight, with ruby red glisten on the edges.

In the nose: Kelly smells gasoline, Greg sniffs a hint of Scottish single malt; both hear electric melodies.

On the tongue: fuzzy strawberry skins for Kelly, peppered chalk dust for Greg. Nearing the end, Kelly enjoys a mouthful of cherries; Greg covers them in chocolate. Draws to a finish with an oaky, smoky blend.

To sum up: electricity may always choose the path of least resistance, but each jig and jag that this wine traces on the palate produces a new and en-lightning experience.

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