Monday, January 17, 2011

***+ $ Barefoot Zinfandel, NV, Lodi, CA - Wine Review and Rating

Original Review, September, 2009: This is another in the bargain-priced, non-vintage bottled "Barefoot" wine line - this time the Barefoot Zinfandel. Unlike the Barefoot Merlot which I rated earlier, the Barefoot Zinfandel DOES indicate the region from which its grapes were harvested, in this case Lodi.

In the glass: Barefoot Zinfandel is deep magenta, opaque in the center.

On the nose: Medium bold, with bright red cherry candy coming through as the primary aroma. Not much in the secondary layers.

On the tongue: The palate is full round, with a middle furry note coming through first. It is followed with an open knit sweetness, with elements of deep red fruit. Light tannins bring a clean follow-up. Finishes up even and lengthy.

In summary: Not quite the layers or intensity that would bring this to an exclusive four star rating. Gains three stars on the Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for plushness. Screaming value for the bargain price.

Updated Review, over a year later, January, 2011:  The nose remains simple and fun.  Seems even simpler on the palate now, suggest drinking it up and not holding in the bottle. Following long decant, full day in partially filled bottle, kept cool:  Still fun on the nose, a bit more mature on the palate following the decant.  Still preferred the younger wine.

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