Friday, December 30, 2011

Updated review: ***+ $ Mazzone Immensus Malvasia, 2007, Puglia, Italy - BEST VALUE

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 Background: Mazzone Immensus from the Puglia, Italy, area, is made of 100% malvasia grapes. The white wine finishes at 13% alcohol - certainly robust for a white. The bottle is sleek and lean - let's see if the wine follows suit...

Original review, September, 2009:

In the glass, Immensus, vintage 2007, is light golden yellow. Aromas are both citrus and light cream - think peach-cicle.

On the palate, the rich, minerally, oil-slick middle is actually the first note. It follows on with a light coating of slightly sweet, tangy fruit on the sides of your mouth - think unsweetened pineapple perhaps. Light touch of lemon on the modest finish.

Three stars on the Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for its lush minerality. Awesome value. I actually think it could age for a couple years, playing off its minerals and acids.

In style and weight, think about this in the line of the viognier/marsanne from d'Arenberg Hermit Crab or Mollydooker's verdelho-based Violinist.

Updated review, over two years later,  December, 2011:  Color and aromas are mostly consistent, with a hint of butterscotch coming into the nose.  Wow.  Two years has not changed the experience much.  Remarkable stamina. 

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