Monday, September 21, 2009

** $$ McLaughlin Vineyards Coyote White Wine, 2007, CT - Wine Review and Rating

Review: Coyote White Wine is produced in Connecticut by McLaughlin Vineyards from a variety of white grapes grown at its picturesque vineyards in Sandy Hook, CT. It comes in at 12% alcohol.

In the glass: It shows as a deep yellow, almost honey color.

On the nose: Funky, butterscotch vinegar elements.

On the tongue: A sweet plus tangy first note, the wine is said to be picking up elements from the apple orchard in the immediate vicinity. Perhaps that's part of the tang. A bit of a metallic note as the wine makes its way along your palate. Finish is quick, with an acidic up beat.

To sum up: One of the less-impressive of the McLaughlin whites, rating two stars on the Spirit of Wine scale.

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