Sunday, September 20, 2009

****+ $$$ Mollydooker Boxer, 2008, McLaren Vale - Australia

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Review: The Mollydooker Boxer for 2008 is a pure shiraz bottling that - because of an unusually warm harvest season - contains grapes that in other years may have been destined for the higher-end Velvet Glove or Carnival of Love bottlings. In fact, the 2008 Boxer represents part of the first harvest from Mollydooker's new vineyards, which I visited in early 2008.

Let's see what Boxer 2008 shiraz melange is made of, right after release:

In the glass: Opaque muddy red coloring - deep burgundy at edge.

On the nose: Aromas do burst from the glass... black cherry, cream, fresh elements of laundry on clothesline. Yum.

On the tongue: You first notice the black cherry creamsicle, followed by the velvet robes of black cherry pie. Very light acids, bright, bold and deep all at same time.

For the finish: Long, sweet and deep, with little prickles of acids way up top in the mouth, like fireworks.

To sum up: I'll stick with it for the evening. Four stars on the Spirit of Wine scale, I'll add the plus for its strong, consistent showing year to year. As the price of Boxer has moved up into three "$" category, it falls off the "best value" category at four plus stars. Too bad, but still a good buy.

The 2005 and 2006 versions rated at five full stars on release, though a more recent (informal) tasting of the 2006 was a bit of a disappointment to me.

Find today's prices and retail availability for Mollydooker Boxer.


  1. Thanks so much for the review. Glad to know you enjoyed the newest Boxer!

    Curious to know - did you do the Mollydooker Shake?

    Also wondering about where you might have gotten the 2006 (maybe a bit concerned with provenance?), as I just shared a bottle of that wine with friends a few weeks ago and everyone said it was drinking beauitfully.

    Also, as always, we set aside a great selection of all our wines for our USA website - available direct from our office in Napa - shipping included on any 12-bottles (always).

    Let me know if there's every anything I can do for you.

    - Alicia, Mollydooker Wines

  2. Hi, Alicia, thanks for your note. Nope, I didn't do the shake, but did a vigorous swirl. At 4+ stars, it's one of the best wines around.

    As you can see, with my last formal taste on the 2006, I was delighted with the Boxer. Because the venue was far less than optimal for the recent informal 2006 tasting (camping in the wilderness), I did not make formal notes. Your point about provenance is well-taken. Except in cases where provided by wineries themselves (noted in reviews), the wines are acquired from various retailers, thus from mixed provenance.

  3. Not too long before this article, I had the good fortune of being at a tasting that included Two Left Feet and Blue Eyed Boy. Both were phenomenal. I just found a source for The Boxer and ordered some--can't wait to do the shake!