Friday, October 16, 2009

The Birdman!! Pinot Grigio, 2006, Monterey County, CA - Wine Review

By way of background: What a cool name (whoo-hoo, Greggy!) and label! This is a cartoon image of the Humphrey Bogart bird hanging on the barbed wire fence of the jailyard, with a rope made of cloth hanging from an inmate's window. Oh, yeah! The Birdman Pinot Grigio is from Big House Wine Company in Santa Cruz, CA. It sports 13% alcohol.

In the glass: Quite clear, almost transparent. Little tiny glints of gold.

On the nose: Served cool, offers a bold hint of lemon cheesecake on the nose. Funky! A bit of freshly sanded shiny metal in there too.

On the palate: Comes across first as cool and refreshing, no one element protruding above the others. A just slightly sweet clean fruit (think pear/apple/starfruit) middle pairs with the just slightly acidic edges and is eased along by the just slightly creamy texture into the just slightly bright upper tones.

And the finish: Sits just slightly long until it fades to a just slightly clean, crisp ending.

In summary: Just slightly compelling! Leaves your thirst ready for another sip. The balance and pleasure are clearly there. The metallic tone leaves an intriguing tone throughout.

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