Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spirit of Wine Review & Rating: **+ $ Chateau les Tuileries, Bordeaux, France, 2008

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By way of background: Chateau les Tuileries is a brand-spanking-new Bordeaux, weighing in at 12.5% alcohol - a lightweight by most U.S. red wine standards. The chateau itself is much better known for its Sauternes than for its Bordeaux blends. In this case, the blend is merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc, in undisclosed proportions. It was acquired as part of the Barclay's Experience wine club called "Barclay's Six".

Original review, October, 2009:

In the glass: Chateau les Tuileries is deep mud red with a distinct purple cast overall. Though it doesn't quite go opaque, it moves to a very dark middle.

On the nose: The aroma is quite bold and becoming. It shows black raspberry lifted with helium.

On the palate: The first sense, oddly enough, is that of an empty middle. Then, slowly, the edges begin to fill in from the sides. A touch of raspberry creeps in from the bottom of the tongue up and around your mouth. Then, slightly sweet tannins crawl across your tongue and reach the roof of your mouth. The tannins in fact are durable and solid, suggesting some benefit to a bit of additional age.

And the finish: Dry plums wrap up the experience, with a clean tannic wash to ready for your next sip.

In summary: A bit light-of-heart for my tastes, so I won't search out another bottle. Yet, I will apply a plus to its two stars in recognition of its solid, classically-built nature. Decent value.

After two-day decant: Oops! I left this (and a couple of other bottles opened and unvacuumed for a two day period. So let's call it a "two-day decant" and see what we've got: Aroma is consistent - I'd call it "ripe" black raspberry now. Still solid. The same hollow middle, and creeping edges of dry fruit, acids and tannins. Score, overall evaluation consistent. Held up very well to the extra time in open bottle.

Updated review, over a year and a half later, June, 2011:  Deep burgundy, still purple at the edges.  Sweet black raspberry candy on the nose.  Soft, tannic, just lightly fruited raspberry makes its way across your palate.  A touch of dark charcoal blends with the sweetness.  It is a multi-faceted, though not entirely integrated experience. Following long decant, four days kept cool in partially filled bottle:  The nose has "candied up" even a bit more, now more like cherry candy.  It is still a fruited raspberry that makes its way across your palate, now without any darkness. 

Find pricing and retail availability for Chateau les Tuileries red Bordeaux wine.

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