Saturday, November 20, 2010

*** $ (Practically Free) Fado Red, 2007, Alentejo (Alentejano), Portugal - Wine Tasting & Review (BEST VALUE)

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By way of background: Fado, the plaintive Portuguese musical style, has its namesake here in a bargain-priced series of red and white wines. The Fado White, reviewed here earlier, merited a "best value" designation. Best values have been a bit harder to come by in the category of inexpensive reds, so let's see how we do here.

Original Review, October, 2009:  Fado Red, 2007, is a mix of 25% aragonez, 25% alicante bouschet, 25% touriga nacional and 25% trincadeira - none of these really household name grapes outside of Portugal. The resulting wine was aged in French oak for six months, and finished at 13.5% alcohol, modest by new world standards.

In the glass: Fado Red pours as medium dusty red in the glass, keeping a fairly consistent hue throughout.

On the nose: On swirling, Fado Red shows a helium balloon-tinged, red-currant and unripened plums aroma. Suggest a bright, young sip.

On the palate: Showing somewhat consistent with the aroma, the first impact on the palate is a mid-red full acid kick to your mid/back tongue. Perhaps it is a little deeper, rounder and darker than the aroma suggested. Then the palate rounds out with a full blackberry creeping up into the sides of your cheeks. Tannins don't really play a role.

And the finish: Because tannins are not noticeable, the finish runs mostly on alcohol and acids, clean, brisk and fairly brief.

In summary: Solid, but acid-toned overall, better with cheeses or food that will cut the acids than alone. Two stars because I'm not drawn back, but a plus because the solid roundness makes it a pleasant visit. Decent value, not at the same level as Fado White.

Updated Review, a year later, November, 2010:  Color and aroma are consistent, though the helium has mellowed quite a bit.  On the palate, the acids have fully rounded now, making for a pleasant and balanced sip.  Hint of cocoa with the sleek fruit.  Moves to a full three stars, making this a full-scale best value at its practically free price.  At three years from vintage date, it's ready to drink now.

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