Tuesday, November 23, 2010

**** $ Palestra Douro Vinho Tinto (Red Wine), 2007, Portugal - Wine Review and Rating

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Original Review, October, 2009:

By way of background: Palestra red wine from Douro in Portugal is made from a combination of traditional Portuguese grapes: 40% Touriga-Franca, 40% Tinta-Roriz and 20% Tinta-Barroca. It is finished at a modest 13% alcohol. When you can find it, it sells at a most affordable (yes, bargain!) price, and comes quite highly regarded.

In the glass: Palestra Douro is deep dustry red in the glass, brick/purple at edge.

On the nose: Bold yet bright rustic aromas, bringing deep, spicy red cherry and supporting smoky oak.

On the palate: A smooth, slick mid-tongue sensation is the first note, carrying flush black cherry notes with chocolate overtones. Background tannins and acids carry the oil-slicked robe of flavors up into your cheeks, where it rests for a long time.

And the finish: After a long rest in your upper cheeks, the Palestra Douro lets its deep, spicy elements slowly, slowly fade. Ultimately, the finish moves to a tiny point on the horizon and flicks gently out of sight, as clean as any finish I've experienced, leaving you fully ready for the next sip.

In summary: This is an easy wine to settle in with for the entire evening, ignoring all other candidates. That's four stars on the Spirit of Wine scale. At its "practically free" price, this is an absolutely stunning, bell-ringer best value.

Wine Spectator seemed to be of the same mind, awarding a remarkable (at this price) 91 points, and saying, "A full-bodied red, with spicy and creamy notes that provide the topping to a deep well of dark plum, raspberry and blueberry flavors. Firm, medium-grained tannins fill the racy, chocolate-infused finish. Drink now through 2014."


Updated review, one year later, November, 2010:  Color is consistent.  So is the aroma of deep cherries and oak, but now missing the smoky overtones.  Served chilled, the mineral overtones are still there, but the flavors have eroded.  I will warm this closer to room temperature and try again...  Now warm, the aromas bring back the spicy element of the cherries.  Bright dark cherry brings black spices into the mix on the palate, finishing tangy and clean.  I'd go with three stars now, the extra time in bottle not paying off in stronger scores. 

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  1. Just bought a bottle because it was on sale and the label asked me to email my opinion "after drink". I thought that was great, asking for some feed back. I liked it, spicy but smooth. Not bad for $9.99