Saturday, November 21, 2009

**+ $ Covey Run Riesling, 2007, Columbia Valley, WA - Wine Review and Rating

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By way of background: Covey Run Riesling is from the Columbia Valley area of Washington State, and is finished at 11.5% alcohol - a modest level fairly typical of off-dry rieslings.

In the glass: Covey Run Riesling is off-white, transparent with an overall light yellow tone.

On the nose: Mild, sweet stainless steel aromas, touch of honey.

On the palate: The honey element comes through first, touching the middle of your tongue almost as a light, sweet mead. Or perhaps a honey lemonade. It follows with flavors of pear and prickly acids - maybe that adds up to peach? - that help the flavors crawl up the sides of your cheeks.

And the finish: The lightly tangy honey persists for awhile on your palate, falling away to a lightly sweet - though perhaps just slightly cloying - finish.

In summary: Pleasant overall experience, though not one to chase again for the future. Two stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for its pleasant, prickly balance. Decent value.

Find Covey Run Riesling at WineZap.

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