Friday, January 2, 2015

*** $ Loios Vinho Branco (White Wine), J. Portugal Ramos, 2008, Alentejano (Alentejo), Portugal - Wine Review and Rating

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Original review, one year from vintage date, November, 2009:

In the glass: Clear with a creamy, yellow cast.

On the nose: Following a swirl, you notice a brilliant aroma of cut grass and stainless steel, just a touch of sugar and slate, quite reminiscent of a solid sauvignon blanc.

On the palate: A smoother, slightly sweeter mid-palate experience than I would have guessed. Fairly clean and mineral there, moving on very light acids to the sides of your cheeks, and slowly up your gums. It brings a lemon wash.

And the finish: Quite clean as the lemon clears your palate fairly rapidly for the next sip.

In summary: Not the sharp acids of a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, nor the homey comforts of an oaked Napa chardonnay, but a nice, balanced experience somewhere between these two. Three stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale, making this a best value. Easy choice for pairing with light food.

Updated review, six years later, now seven years from vintage date, January, 2015:  Deep yellow in the glass.Gentle grass on the nose, hint of butterscotch.  Clean, fresh and gently sweet mid-palate, the gentlest of acids supporting a light green-apple flavor. Held up really nicely to years in the bottle. No need for further aging.

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