Sunday, November 15, 2009

*+ $ Millennium Mencia-Garnacha, 2008, Galicia, Spain - Wine Review and Rating

This tasting was conducted at Eno, a wine and cheese and chocolate tasting restaurant that is based in about half-a-dozen locations across North America. The concept is fairly unique: you build your own pairings of wine, cheese and/or chocolate tastings from a wide assortment. In the case of wines, some 300 to 500 labels are said to be available at different times. In this case, we tasted on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago IL.

By way of background: The Millennium Mencia-Garnacha, 2008, from Galicia, Spain, is a unique blend of two grapes not often seen paired this way. It comprises 60% mencia and 40% garnacha tinta, and is finished at 12% alcohol.

In the glass: Mid-deep red in the glass.

On the nose: The aromas are mild, showing fresh red fruit.

On the palate: A full, even, easy red currant is the primary note. Not much depth nor distinction.

And the finish: Fast and acidic.

In summary: Not a memorable experience at all. Not one to be repeated. One star on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for its easiness.

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