Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zagat Wine Club, 4Seasons Wine, WSJ Wine Club, Sunday Times (UK) Wine Club - all actually Laithwaites Wines

Find prices and availability for Zagat Wine introductory mixed case.

A large number of diverse wine clubs have appeared in recent months and years, all - it turns out - under the direction and sponsorship of Tony Laithwaite of Laithwaites Wine in the UK.

These include such names as Zagat Wine Club, 4Seasons Wine, WSJ Wine, Sunday Times (UK) Wine Club Zagat Wine Club.

In these pages, we have sampled Zagat, WSJ and 4Seasons clubs - also Barclays, an unrelated club.

In most cases, introductory purchases virtually always rate as high value wines - typically one $, and two plus or three stars. Once the regular shipments begin and costs move to two $$ levels, the values come more into line with what you'd encounter at retail.

That said, most of the clubs do permit relatively easy cancellation. I say "relatively" because several DO NOT let you cancel online - you must cancel by calling during certain hours. And in most cases, they do not follow up the telephoned cancellation with an email confirmation. Thus, you need to keep on eye on things for a couple of months to ensure that the cancellation took and your credit card is not charged.

Below are selections from some of the club wines we have reviewed here at Spirit of Wine:

Zagat Wine Club Offerings

4Seasons Wine Club Offerings

Barclay's Wine Club Offerings

Find prices and availability for Zagat Wine introductory mixed case.

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