Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sergio Barale Barolo Riserva Vigna Bussia, 2003, Piemonte, Italy

By way of background:
This Barolo hails from the Bussia hill in Monforte d'Alba, from a small vineyard of one hectare.  The wine is aged for three years in oak casks, then transferred to demijohns for an additional two years of age before being released.  It is finished at a hearty 14% alcohol.

In the glass:
Barolo Bussia shows as light to medium red in the glass, light bricking at the edges.

On the nose: Poured without a decant and swirled vigorously, the bold nose sports lively red berry elements of cherries with a touch of mint and cedar, bursting with the  bright alcohol lift.

On the palate:
An earthy mud is the first note on the palate - it smacks rear center of your tongue, leaving a puddle of bright red fruit in its wake as it dissolves into your tongue.  This is actually much more agreeable than it sounds.  Vibrant acids bring the red cherries right out to your cheeks for the duration.

And the finish:

The finish is driven by the lightly sweet, bright red, cherry prickles in your cheeks.

In summary:
Bright ride on the Barolo highway.... definitely one to consider with a lively tomato entree to tune the perky acids. 

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