Saturday, January 2, 2010

*** $$$ Naga Saki Geisha Nigori Genshu Sake, Japan - Sake Review and Rating

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By way of background: Geisha Nigori Genshu is a nigori sake from the producer Naga Saki of Japan.  Nigori sake is the type of sake - typically somewhat sweet - that includes the cloudy lees as part of the equation.  It is shaken before being drinken.  You can see the unique bottle is part of the appeal of this variety.  We enjoyed Geisha as an after-dinner sip with salmon.  Geisha Nigori is finished at a whopping 18% alcohol.   

In the glass: Geisha Nigori shows as cloudy milky, with a light caramel cast, opaque throughout the glass.

On the nose: Poured cold, this smells of fresh sweet milky yeast and alcohol.

On the palate: The first element is a distinctly tangy sweet creaminess at the top of the palate.  That unfolds to a broader sweet, light milk chocolate coating to your entire mouth.  Almost the Japanese equivalent of a "white Russian" cocktail.

And the finish:  This would not be about the finish, but the finish is clean - not at all cloying - smooth, sweet and bright with alcohol.

In summary: Overall, a fun after-dinner experience.  Not profound, but plenty enjoyable, yielding three stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale,

Find Geisha Nigori at WineZap.

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